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Good fences make good neighbours

Let’s look at some rules governing our Fidelity Programme, applying to each and every one in the same way.

What discount is offered?

  • It depends on the amount you have spent in Kolkovna and AROMA Restaurants within the past 365 days. All your spendings are added in the total sum.
  • If you spent CZK 5.000 = 5% discount
  • If you spent CZK 10.000 = 10% discount
  • If you spent CZK 30.000 = 15% discount
  • If you spent CZK 60.000 = 20% discount
  • If we won’t see you for more than 2 years, we will be sorry about it and we will send you an email notice in advance that your discount will be reduced to the preceding level.


Can my friends, colleagues and/or family members enjoy the benefits of my Kolkovna Friends Fidelity Programme? Can I lend them my Fidelity Card?

No, the discount card and your membership are not transferrable and they can be used only by you and the persons accompanying you in our restaurant. Suggest your colleagues, friends and/or family members to sign in the Kolkovna Friends Fidelity Programme. Write the name of the member you have recommended and we will reward you.

When shall I apply my discount card?

Don’t hesitate to submit your card to our staff before they are going to prepare the bill for you. All our staff is well aware of the Programme and they will be happy to offer you the benefits but they can only do so before they prepare the bill. If you claim your benefit later, the system will not be able to provide it anymore.

In which restaurants can I make use of my benefits?



V Kolkovně, Prague 1

Kolkovna Celnice, Prague 1

Kolkovna Olympia, Prague 5

Kolkovna Budějovická, Prague 4

Kolkovna Argentinská, Prague 7

Kolkovna Stodůlky, Prague 5

Kolkovna Dock, Prague 8

Lippert Hotel, Prague 1

Aroma Quadrio, Prague 1

Aroma Harfa, Prague 9


Stopkova Plzeňská Pivnice, Brno

Are there any restrictions connected to using the discount card?

Yes, there are. The discount does not apply to special offers. Discounts can be used for groups of maximum 10 persons at a table. The discount cannot be applied when paying with a gift voucher or a gift card.

What else should I know?

The rules governing Kolkovna Friends Fidelity Programme may be unilaterally changed or amended by us at any time or the Fidelity Club operation may be terminated without any replacement. We wil inform you of any change on our website

To make sure you can use the benefits of our Kolkovna Friends Fidelity Programme, we have been processing your personal data you provided us with voluntarily and for the purpose of your registration. Should you wish to learn more information about the kind of personal data processed, for how long time they are stored and what are your rights connected to your personal data protection, please refer to our Personal Data Protection Policy.

Prague 1.5.2023

Kolkovna Friends Card in your mobile phone

Has it ever happened to you to have forgotten your KOLKOVNA FRIENDS Fidelity Card and thus could not make use of the benefits it offers? Or you are not so fond of having all those plastic cards with you? Indeed, your purse cannot fit everything.

We have come up with a solution for you.

Upload your Kolkovna Friends Card in Qerko application. It is easy, just open Qerko application and enter the email connected to your KOLKOVNA FRIENDS membership. Then confirm the link you will immediately receive in your email box.

Your KOLKOVNA FRIENDS Card packed with benefits will be available for you for good. Well, as long as have your mobile phone with you.

Kolkovna Friends Card in your mobile phone

Benefits of Kolkovna Friends membership can be used also in our e-shop

Did you already become our “meal and beer” friend, sign in our Kolkovna Friends Fidelity Programme and have you been using all the benefits, such as among others up to 20% discount for consumption during each stay of any restaurant of Kolkovna chain?


When a day comes when you don’t feel like going out, just try ordering online via our restaurants e-shop. Indeed, your benefits can be applied even there. Before making an online order, please log in the eshop: you will do it in the upper right part using the email you had used for signing in Kolkovna Friends. The discount currently valid in your Kolkovna Friends will be automatically applied for all items in our eshop. But be careful! Reduced prices are so attractive that you might very easily order much more than you can eat. #mealandbeerfriendship

Benefits of Kolkovna Friends membership can be used also in our e-shop