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Job Opportunities

Happy employees generate happy guests

The more you feel fulfilled by your job, the happier you are in your private life. After all, each of us will spend an average of over 35 years working throughout our lives.

That's why it is important to make a good choice. Every day we do our best to make you feel fulfilled by your job and be happy here. Personal approach, superior salary and employee benefits, career growth opportunities, team-building activities, background of a strong gastro company and emphasis on personal development: those are the attributes our employees value the most.

Do you want to be looking forward to work again? Why don’t you join our Kolkovna Restaurants family?

Current vacancies, tailor-made for you?
Or rather not? You can contact us here

Waiter waitress

Going to work with a smile
Skilled waiters and waitresses, we are happy to see you on our Career website! Are you looking for a job where you will be going with a smile? We have been waiting for you. The extension of Kolkovna Restaurants and opening of new branches is connected with new job opportunities for you. Good waiters and waitresses are always needed, so do not hesitate and write us, optimally today. We will write back to all of you with tailor-made job proposals.


Sometimes it is difficult to manage it all but the result is really worth it
Cooking spoon is your best friend, you are able to prepare menu, calculate the price and also have an idea how to set a direction and get your colleagues interested in the work? Your words have some weight and, last but not least, you love cooking? Then we want you! Why don’t you apply for the position of a chef in the kitchen of Kolkovna Restaurant? Write us your career experience, what you consider important. We will write back to all of you.

Well, and working on PC should not be a secret word.


Love of beer is an indisputable precondition

Brew master brews the beer, but the barman makes it. That’s what we take for granted and the quality of draft beer is number one for us. It goes without saying that barman job is for us at Kolkovna very important, with high level of responsibility and, we might even call it a mission. A mission to do honour to Czech beer. Do you have any job experience as barman or would you like to be taught by our master barman Pavel Pressburg? Contact us, we will write back to all of you.

Brewery manager

That’s what we call a job challenge!
For a new project that’s going to be launched we are searching for a project manager, optimally with experience from a brewery. You will have freedom in implementing your own ideas, you will be given huge responsibility and you will have an impact on the overall working of the project. Professional experience in a brewery is an advantage, but not a necessity. What is required for this position is manager experiences in gastronomy: indeed, if you do not have it, you would not be looking forward to your work. Send us all relevant information about your career life. We will write back to all of you.

Restaurant manager

Organization, scheduling and overview of everything in the company is your second nature

You have already run a few kilometers among restaurant tables, you still enjoy talking to guests but at the same time you are thinking of moving ahead and hand over your experience to your junior colleagues?

You have been working as a manager but feel like facing a new challenge and want some change? Become manager of our restaurant. Write us your experience, we will write back to all of you.


Being a cook is not just a profession, it is a lifestyle!

Those of you who have already worked as a cook probably know what we mean by the sentence above. If you agree and if you are just looking for a new job, contact us. We know how to make good time for us here!. We have been looking for cooks for multiple positions: meal preparation, daily menu, barbeque, buffet, to several restaurants of ours. If you are not so fond of Czech cuisine, we can employ you for example in AROMA restaurants, in brewery or in our bistros. It is up to your preferences and skills and our mutual agreement.

Seasonal worker Gauč na Výstavišti

Summer night fever
“Gauč na Výstavišti” summer scene is open space but sheltered area for concerts, theatre performances, festivals, brunches and all other lovely spring, summer and autumn events. We are looking for seasonal workers to our stand, to serve our guests, for cleaning of the premises, entrance checks during concerts and the like. The job is suitable mainly for adults. Send us your contact details, we will write back to all of you.

Seasonal worker

Don’t be idle and come to earn some money
Do you have some spare time during lunch time and you don’t want to sit idle? Come and serve our dear guests. From Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 13:30 we need your help with serving. It is an easy job but with a lot of responsibility, suitable also for skillful students or household mums.

Send us your CV! Maybe you are what we are looking for :-)

Our door is open

No matter whether you are just gastro fan and would like to get to professional level or whether you are just searching for a new opportunity but didn’t particularly like any of the open positions, contact us. There is always some place for skilled colleagues-to-be.

Do you want to work with us?

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How do we hire new colleagues?

Persons with a good attitude to work are always welcome

The Kolkovna chain opens several new restaurants in a year, launches new concepts on the gastro market, and therefore, we are happy to invite in our team competent colleagues willing to work, even those with no experience in this profession.

We carefully go through all messages, CVs, emails sent to us with your job application and compare with our current vacancies. Consequently, you will be contacted by the manager supervising the job you could apply for to arrange a personal interview. During the interview you will get basic information about the restaurant, job description, we will specify our expectations as well as salary and employee benefits for the job performed. Then, in turn, we will ask you about your expectations, experience and motivation. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to ask about anything you would like to know about working in our restaurant.

How do we hire new colleagues?

Great team

It's all about people

Good mood at work is vital. We are one team and sometimes we call ourselves even family. We treat each other with respect and esteem. We help each other and substitute one another, if it is necessary. If one person is not able to come, the other one will help out, and vice versa. We share our experience, being very well aware that cooperation of all colleagues across the company is a key. We organize regular morning meetings to discuss all important points, past events and schedule future activities. If necessary, we work hard and we are busy as yeast producing beer, but on the other hand we know how to relax. For example when we have a glass of beer or wine together or go for a hockey match.

Open communication is vital for us to ensure smooth workflow: indeed, we consider it a main pillar. Do you have a question, idea, problem or complaint? Go and tell it! That's the only way to find a solution.

Great team


Education is important

And regular training of our employees is even more important for us. That's why you can expect regular courses and trainings that will move you a step ahead in your career.

Not only will you receive information from senior colleagues they had gained throughout their career, but we will be happy to provide you courses you will select based on your preference. Do you want to become top bartender or chef in Kolkovna Restaurants? Work hard and we will support you in your efforts.


We will train gastro fans

Sometimes desire is more than proper qualification
Did you fall in love with gastronomy and would you like to find a job in this area? Are you a keen hobby cook and, whenever you make a meal that everybody likes, you hear sentences like: “You should do it for living”? Do you like the smell of coffee? Do you like beer and when you are watching a barman drawing beer you feel like giving him advice how to do it better?

Passion for work is the key. We will be happy to help you move your passion to a higher level and turn it into a profession. You will get your mentor to work with and help you move every day a step further. And who knows, maybe one day you will become a mentor for an excited beginner.

We will train gastro fans