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BLOG - Kolkovna Restaurants launches a new product range of alcohol



We are launching a new product range of alcohols to Kolkovna Restaurants. Get a closer look at it in this article but, what’s more important, come and taste in it our Kolkovna and AROMA Restaurants.

Czech whisky Single Malt 10 y.o. 49.2%

Having rested in oak barrels for 10 years, it will provide you with pure pleasure in a whisky glass. Its grained and wooden taste with oakish tones is attributable to the barrels it matured in as well as malt from a famous malting plant in the town of Bruntál, where it was peat-smoked. Furthermore, the characteristic taste of the whisky also goes down to aging taking place in strongly fired barrels made from European oak which also provided the beverage with its beautiful and deep golden colour. Make yourself some pleasure. Have a glass of Czech whisky Single Malt 10 y.o. Order on-line.

Wiliams liqueur 30%

Williams pears matured and harvested under Chilean sun were distilled and transported by boat, under strict supervision, to the town of Vizovice. Here, experienced local distillers took utmost care and mixed the spirits with pear juice that provides the spirit with a nice fruity and sweet taste. Consequently, the liqueur is put to clean oak barrels and stays there for 6 months to ensure perfect combination of tastes and provide the beverage with its final goldish colour. Enjoy juicy pears in each drop. Order on-line.

Slivovice 2020 50%

The best product from plum orchards of RUDOLF JELÍNEK Company in Vizovice hidden in every single drop of this unique spirit. Its taste is a combination of 4 varieties harvested in 2020. In line with local Moravia Wallachian recipe, the product was then let rest on dried plums for the last 2 weeks to receive its traditional golden colour. Sweet fruity taste close to honey with fresh tones of almond aroma from stones makes this spirit unique and exquisite beverage. Enjoy ripe plums in every single drop. Order on-line.