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CZK 2,222, CZK 5,716, CZK 3,890, CZK 30,000, CZK 6,666 or would you prefer different amount? 
It is up to you! 

Kolkovna Restaurants Gift Card is a perfect tool to give and original present. Would you like to thank your employees for their work, to make your business partners happy? Is the sum on the gift card important for you, are you going to celebrate any special anniversary or birthday? All this can be included in the gift card value. 

And how does it work?

You can order your gift card online in just two minutes. The card will be sent to your address free of charge. To order you card, contact us at: +420 777 734 734.

How does the card look like? 
The card is packed in a gift package and it has the size of a payment card. 

What value can I upload on the gift card? 
You can select any amount but it must be at least CZK 2,000. Should you wish lower amount, you can order traditional gift voucher

How is the card used? 
In the same way as traditional payment card you know from your bank. 

What is the gift card intended for?

For the consumption of food and beverages in the network of Kolkovna Restaurants.

Do I have to spend the whole amount on the card in one go?

No, you don’t have to. The card works on the same principle as payment card. The amount will be gradually reduced.

How will I find out how much money is left on my gift card?

There are two options. Online here, or you can ask our colleagues in the restaurant where you will be applying it.

What is the validity of the gift card?

24 months since its purchase. Upon expiry, the amount not used will not be paid back. Furthermore, the card value cannot be exchanged for cash in any way.

When to apply the gift card?

Before paying, you have to tell our staff that you will pay with a gift card.

Where can I use Kolkovna Restaurants gift vouchers?


Prague restaurants AROMA
Aroma Quadrio, Vladislavova 2121/21, 110 00 Praha 1
Aroma Harfa, Galerie Harfa, Českomoravská 2420/15a, 190 00 Praha 9

Prague restaurants KOLKOVNA
Kolkovna V Kolkovně, V Kolkovně 910/8, 110 00 Praha 1
Kolkovna Dock, Boudníkova 1, 180 00, Praha 8
Kolkovna Celnice, V Celnici 4, 110 00 Praha 1
Kolkovna Olympia, Vítězná 7, 110 00 Praha 1
Kolkovna Budějovická, Budějovická 13a, 140 00 Praha 4
Kolkovna Argentinská, U garáží 1611/1, 170 00 Praha 7
Kolkovna Stodůlky, Siemensova 2717/4, 155 00 Praha 13

Brno restaurant KOLKOVNA
Stopkova Plzeňská Pivnice, Česká 5, 602 00 Brno