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Proslulá Stopkova pivnice vždy patřila k pilířům českého společenského a kulturního života v Brně. Hospoda zde byla již ve druhé polovině 19. století. Věhlasu se dočkala s příchodem nového majitele, geniálního hostinského Jaroslava Stopky, který v roce 1910 převzal původní Jonákovu pivnici. 더 >>

The pub enjoyed a strategic position for business - in the very centre of the Czech promenade and Czech activities in Brno. It was always regarded as a “classy” establishment and Pilsner beer has been served here on tap with no interruptions. Students, intellectuals and city folk used to meet here, partly thanks to its proximity to the Czech bookshop. The character and atmosphere of the pub has remained untouched even after extensive reconstruction work, which included the repair and restoration of the façade, undertaken by the Czech painter and draughtsman Láďa Novák (1865–1944), a well-known Prague bohemian, who also decorated the interiors in the U Fleků Pub in Prague. The foundations of the building in Česká Street have some Gothic and Renaissance features. Period advertisements always claimed that the best Pilsner beer in Brno was to be found at the Stopkova Pub. And even today you can judge for yourselves the quality of the Pilsner Urquell lager served here tapped from their beer tanks. Stopkova Pivnice offers seating areas on two floors. The total number of seats is 307. The premises are fully air-conditioned and divided into smoking and non-smoking areas. Apart from Pilsner Urquell, there are also other beers served on tap, such as Velkopopovický Kozel and Birell Světlý. << 더 적은

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Each weekday we always prepare a fresh menu of the day especially for you. We offer soup of the day and a choice of two main courses. And remember you can have your favourite meal as a take-away to eat at home or at your office. The menu of the day is available from 11 a.m. until sold out, but not after 3 p.m.

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