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KOLKOVNA OLYMPIA  |  레스토랑에 대하여

Na levém břehu Vltavy, pod Petřínem na Malé Straně, je rohový dům, jehož výstavba byla zahájena v roce 1903. Již od svého počátku dům sloužil téměř výhradně k restauračním účelům. Předurčení restaurace být místem, kde se setkávají lidé, potvrzuje její znovuotevření v roce 2003. Vítejte v Kolkovně Olympia! 더 >>

Restoring the old interiors was almost like an adventure for the new owners. During the renovation it was discovered from the materials found that from its beginnings Olympia had been enjoyed as a vibrant centre of social life. In the early 20th century the restaurant was a place where the banned gambling game baccarat was secretly played mainly by army officers and the male half of Prague high society. One of these, Colonel Alfred Redl, chief of the Austro-Hungarian Secret Service, had a permanent booking in the restaurant. Photos of the actor Oldřich Nový, found during the reconstruction, could lead to speculation about whether this famous actor also used to be a guest in Olympia and who he was (secretly?) meeting here. After all Olympia has always ranked among places, enjoying bustling social life. Kolkovna Olympia offers seating areas on one floor and outdoors. The total number of seats is 222. The premises are fully air-conditioned with smoking allowed. Apart from Pilsner Urquell, there are also other beers served on tap, such as Velkopopovický Kozel and Birell Světlý. << 더 적은

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