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Když člověk stojí na Budějovickém náměstí a rozhlédne se kolem sebe, vidí jen výškové budovy, moderní architekturu a kanceláře. Trianon je jedním z takových objektů. Ovšem v jeho přízemí se nachází Kolkovna, místo, kde na vás dýchne nádherný kontrast moderní doby a starých časů. Vítejte v Kolkovně Budějovická. 더 >>

Kolkovna Budějovická represents a magical gateway between the busy 21st century and the peaceful times of the interwar period. The architect who designed all of the Kolkovna Restaurants faced a difficult job here. How to harmonise the interior with the ultra-modern architecture of a glass building and yet not lose even a smidgen of the so much desired atmosphere of the traditional Czech restaurant of the early 20th century? Combining the modern world with traditional features seemed at first to be a superhuman job. But in the end it was a success. Kolkovna Budějovická offers seating areas on one floor as well as outdoors. The total number of seats is 249. The premises are non-smoking and fully air-conditioned. Apart from Pilsner Urquell, there are also other beers served on tap, such as Velkopopovický Kozel stout and Birell Světlý. << 더 적은

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Each weekday we always prepare a fresh menu of the day especially for you. We offer soup of the day and a choice of three main courses. And remember you can have your favourite meal as a take-away to eat at home or at your office. The menu of the day is available from 11 a.m. until sold out, but not after 3 p.m.

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